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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Oscar: A funny movie featuring Stallone

The first time I watched this movie, I was somewhat unsure !! Imagine Stallone doing comedy. Anyhow, I had nothing else to do at that time, and so ventured forth to watch this movie. And in my opinion, it was worth it. I laughed much more than I thought I would, and my image of Stallone changed after this movie. I had more respect for him. The movie has been directed by John Landis.
This movie came out in 1991, so it has been some time since the movie has been out. It has been a sufficiently under-rated movie, but worth keeping as part of the DVD collection. Imagine the pleasure of showing friends this movie, and atleast some of them will really like this movie.
Stallone plays the role of Snaps Provolone, a gangster persuaded by his dying father to go straight. No one obviously can quite believe that a gangster can go straight. He decides to go into banking, and this movie runs on the day that is the day that he would turn straight. This day is the day when an immense number of things happen in his life. His employee Anthony informs him that he has stolen $50,000 belonging to Snaps, and is also going to marry his daughter. Snaps is looking for a way to get the money back, and sees an opportunity when he realizes that Anthony is going to marry a lady who is actually not Snaps's daughter. In the meantime, Snaps's actual daughter, Marisa Tomei, is in love with his chaueffeur and is pregnant by him; so Snaps has to arrange for her marriage to keep her reputation honest.
He also has to convince the banking board that he is legit, and deal with an ex-girlfriend, and his gangster rival. In addition, the police believe that he is upto some big deal and are keeping a close look on him. There is a missing bag of money that causes an immense amount of confusion and activities in the film.
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