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Monday, June 25, 2007

Lawrence of Arabia: Great movie

A lot of people will not believe that this movie is made on a real life person. But it is true, Lawrence of Arabia, made in 1962, was based on a true Lieutenant-Colonel T.E.Lawrence, who served in the British Army during the period of the First World War (from 1914-1918) and was in the Military Intelligence division. During this service, he did some extra-ordinary things to further the interests of the British in the War. He eventually died in 1935 in a motor-cycling accident.
The film is very famous, and regularly finds a place in the Top 100 films of all time. It was directed by David Lean and starred Peter O'Toole in the lead role. The film was also acclaimed for the musical score by Maurice Jarre and the cinematography by Freddie Young. It won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1962. The film and also Lawrence's own writings about the World War, Seven Pillars of WisdomLawrence of Arabia, have been called into doubt by historian repeatedly, especially the accuracy about all that Lawrence is supposed to have achieved during the War.
The mission of the British in the Middle East during the First World War was to defeat the Turks, and the aim was to see if the Arab desert tribes could be united to fight against the Turks. There did not seem to be any other alternative other than the desert tribes, but it would take a lot of effort for them to defeat the entrenched Turks.
The movie is a treat to watch, especially on a large screen. It has great scenes of the desert, depicting the vastness and in many cases, the desolate nature of the desert. It can be a brutal place. The action sequences and the battle scenes are great, and very engrossing. The most important aspect of the movie is about how Lawrence is able to get the tribes to take on the Turks and defeat them, and how this entire quest changes his personality in an incredible way. The movie conveys a sense of history for the region, something that most people outside the region would have no idea about.
In the start of his quest, Lawrence manages to get to meet Prince Feisal (who is attempting a revolt against the Turks, who are allies of the Germans), and get him interested. In the first victory, Lawrence uses an army of Bedouin to capture a vital port city after a desert push that was though impossible. After this, he launches a guerrilla war, trying to bleed the Turks in many places and putting pressure on their supplies. After getting caught while scouting a Turkish held-city, he is severely beaten. This has a change in his feelings and he is now more open to massacres of enemy soldiers (something that the Arabs supported as a retaliation for similar action by the Turkish). Eventually his army of Arabs take Damascus, at which stage he retires from the effort. There will be many sections of the movie that can be disputed for its accuracy, but the movie by itself is a great movie.

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