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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Crowd (1928) - a silent movie directed by King Vidor

There have been innumerable movies in the silent era, but since that time period has been so long in the past, we tend to forget about them. Making movies in the silent era seems so difficult now; you did not have much in the way of the technology that keeps on advancing in leaps and bounds now; further, without getting the characters to speak, the emotions shown by the actors has to be only read through their facial actions.
The Crowd (released in 1928), was a acclaimed movie, and was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. The movie was made as an advocate of demonstrating the dangers of urbanization and the modern life in today's cities. The movie was directed by King Vidor, who would normally not pick up stars, and for this movie, the leading pair had the same distinction, with James Murray being an extra in the studio, and the leading lady, Eleanor Boardman, being Vidor's wife.

King Vidor had a style of his own, and he imparted the same to this movie, combining a mixture of poignant family scenes, along with some striking visual styles. Since he was successful, he was able to get the studio to agree to his thoughts and style.
The movie is essentially the story of Johnny, from birth and captures his life, as well as all the experiences and twists and turns. Johnny's father wants him to rise high inspite of his modest beginnings, but as Johnny grows up, he is just a part of 'The Crowd'. He does not make the best decisions, and ends up in messes, even though he has the loyal support of his girlfriend.
The movie is a must watch.

The Crowd (1928) - a silent movie directed by King Vidor

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