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Monday, May 31, 2010

Daisy Kenyon, (released in 1947) featuring Joan Crawford, Henry Fonda and Dana Andrews

If you are looking for an adult well grounded romance, then Daisy Kenyon is the best film for you. It is a love triangle between well grounded adults who have to make tough choices in life. Daisy Kenyon is a magazine illustrator, who has an affair with Dan O' Mara, a well to do lawyer. Dan is married to lovely but sadistic Lucille whose father owns the law firm Dan works in. Lucille treats her children badly, especially the younger one. All her rage is so channelized on the little one, that it borders on child abuse. Dan being a dandy takes Daisy also for granted and keeps breaking up dates with her for work trips.
Daisy meets Peter Lapham, a discharged soldier who is disillusioned with love after the death of his wife Susy. Soon in Dan's absence Daisy goes on dates with Peter who falls hopelessly in love with her. In a drunken stage Peter reveals that he loves her and she is the only thing which sustains him after Susy. Daisy, still upset with Dan accepts his proposal for marriage. Dan on his return from a a business trip finds Daisy married with Peter and is angry. He reveals to Daisy that he had gone to defend a Japanese American war hero whose land has been confiscated by the authorities. With such heroics, Daisy is unsure whether she is still in love with Dan and is unable to declare her love for Peter.

Peter on the other hand is unsure about Daisy's feelings and feels that she does not care for him. Dan on the other hand accidentally meets Daisy and understands that he loves her. When Daisy refuses, he tries to force himself on her and is dissuaded by the entry of her room-mate. On reaching home, Dan realizing his feelings for Daisy, and telephones her to apologize. This is overheard by Lucille who in her anger presses for divorce. She asks for custody of the children which Dan refuses, upon which Lucille signs up Daisy as a co-respondent in the divorce case. Lucille unleashes all her rage on Daisy and her lawyer dissects all the aspect of her relationship with Dan. Dan is not able to face this humiliation of Daisy. He calls Peter for a one to one meeting and asks him to sign the divorce paper. Peter is ready to sign it if Daisy would give her consent because he just wants her to be happy.
Daisy drives to the Cape to sort out her feelings and his followed by Peter and Dan. In her panic she skids and has a minor accident. This forces her to understand her feelings for Peter and his goodness. She goes to Dan and ask him to fulfill his duty towards his children and embraces Peter. A very feel good movie which tells you that true love is there at all corners in your life.

Daisy Kenyon, (released in 1947) featuring Joan Crawford, Henry Fonda and Dana Andrews

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