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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Star Wars Episode IV – New Hope (released in 1977) - the start of the Star Wars series

New Hope is one of the first films to be released among the six movies depicting the star war saga. Directed and conceived by the legend George Lucas, the Star Wars movies are iconic and have influenced generations, becoming a cult classic. This sci-fi space fantasy film debuted in 1977 is one of the top grosser at the box office also pioneering the production of endless movie merchandises and successful sequels.
As the opening line goes “in a galaxy far far away” a young farm boy Luke Skywalker comes across two droids R2D2 and C3PO. While cleaning the druids Luke accidentally triggers the holographic message in R2D2 in which Princess Leia has hidden the plans for the death star. The Death Star is a battle station designed and constructed by the evil Sith Emperor Palpatine and manned by his trusted lieutenant Darth Vader. Leia asks the listener to find Obi-Van-Kenobi a Jedi Knight to help her.
R2D2 followed by Luke finds the old hermit Ben, who reveals himself as Obi-Van-Kenobi and asks Luke to utilize the force to train himself as a Jedi Knight. Jedi are skilled practitioners of the “Force” who fight the unjust to maintain the balance in the universe. Their order are highly trained knights who use the light sabers to protect the weak. Luke returns to find his uncle and aunt murdered and his planet Tatooine under siege by the imperial forces. He returns to Ben and they plan to escape with the droids to join the rebel forces headed by Princess Leia.

They hire the good hearted smuggler Hans Solo and his co-pilot Chewbecca to ferry them across Tatooine in the space Vehicle Millennium Falcon. Meanwhile Princess Leia is imprisoned in the death star and is tortured by commander Tarkin to reveal the rebel army base. He threatens to annihilate the planet Alderaan. Leia pretends to cooperate but Tarkin destroys the planet anyway. Meanwhile the Millennium Falcon is trapped by the tractor beam of the Death Star and is forcefully captured. Hans solo, Luke and Obi-Van-Kenobi are captured. They rescue Princess Leia and flee the death star to the rebel base while Ben Kenobi is killed by Darth Vader.
Luke and Leia organize a daring guerrilla attack to destroy the death star. As their fighters attack the star, Darth Vader himself comes in to defend it. Soon thrilling fighting is engaged and ultimately with the help of Hans Solo the death star is destroyed by Luke Sky-Walker. Both Solo and Skywalker are honored by Leia and an uneasy truce prevails in the universe.
What can you say about Star Wars? The box office success is unparalleled in history spawning video games, books, sequels and toys. Both adults and kids are ensnared by this complex saga of love, hate and deception. Awards it has many, notable being the 7 Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammy and the BAFTA nominations. Nothing compares to the iconic value of the film which can be best described as an experience on its own with special effects and great dialogue.
Star Wars is a must watch for any citizen of the earth and denizens of other planets. As you may watch this thrilling adventure “May the Force be with you”.

Star Wars Episode IV – New Hope (released in 1977) - the start of the Star Wars series

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