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Monday, August 2, 2010

Heroes (released in 1977) - A comedy starring Henry Winkler, Sally Field and Harrison Ford

This movie directed by Jeremy Kagan starred Henry Wrinkler and Sally field. The other notable name was Harrison Ford who played a disturbed Vietnam veteran before his big box office draw days. This movie portrays the angst and depression faced by the veterans who are forgotten after the pageantry of war.
Jack Dunne played by Henry Wrinkler is a Vietnam veteran who is haunted by the depressive memories of the war. He is confined to a mental asylum from where he breaks out to go on a journey in search of his war time buddies. The film starts with a clownish Dunne pottering around in Times Square, where he tries to stop a sergeant in enlisting some kids. He is sent back to the asylum from which he breaks out to go on a road trip. He plans to establish a worm farm along with his veteran buddies.
Dunne the clown meets the Miss proper, Carol Bell who is also in the bus just to think about her engagement. She is unsure about her goals and about her relationship. Dunne initially gets on her nerves by his happy go lucky ways but soon Carol develops a soft corner for Dunne. She soon supports and encourages him in his ventures. And Dunne confides his plans and fears to her.

But the world around them has its horrors from which even they are not immune. Dunne reaches each buddy who has fallen prey to depression, sadness, suicides and disappearances and he just cannot take it any more. His dreams of a worm farm above all a shared world with his comrades in arms are in tatters. Only Carol who comes to the reality that she does not love her fiancée anymore is with him.
Harrison Ford plays a small part as his distant buddy Ken Boyd who is a stock car driver who is in his extreme mania keeps a stolen machine gun in his vehicle. A tender moment happens with friends when they share once again their friendship by building a small rabbit cage. But largely the film belongs to Wrinkler who had immortalized himself as “Fonzie” in the TV sitcom Happy Days. Both Sally Field and Henry Wrinkler with this movie move on to the serious actor roles.
The most memorable part of the movie is the song which plays at the ending - “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas. For many the movie is worth watching for this haunting rock melody and the recent DVD raised quite a storm for editing out this song. This movie is considered one of the war time classics and earned Henry Wrinkler a Golden Globe nomination.
All said and done this movie moves the viewer to the plight of men who have demons raging within them, men who fought the worst things in life, men who see others die, men who have to kill to survive and men who survived to be haunted by brutal memories. A movie for the real world even today.

Heroes (released in 1977) - A comedy starring Henry Winkler, Sally Field and Harrison Ford

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