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Friday, September 24, 2010

Regarding Henry (released in 1991) - starring Harrison Ford and Annette Bening

An American drama film released in 1991, Regarding Henry co-stars Harrison Ford and Annette Bening. Henry Turner is a callous, narcissist, and opportunistic lawyer who has no morals and values in life. He lives for wining his cases and is a workaholic who neglects his wife Sarah and daughter Rachel. He also has a string of relationships with many women and is not very much bothered by it. His daughter studying in an elite school is very unhappy and is a troubled teen with no avenues to dissipate her angst.
Henry wins a malpractice case for an errant hospital against a poor man who had informed about the wrongdoings in the institution. One night he runs out to buy cigarette's, he is shot as he interrupts a robbery attempt. One bullet pierces his frontal lobe of the brain which is the epicenter for feelings and behavior. Another one pierces his heart causing heavy hemorrhage cutting off the oxygen supply to his body. Doctors revive Henry who has suffered debilitating disabilities and a loss of functional motor skills.

So as a paraplegic, Henry regains his motor functions with the help of his physiotherapist, Bradley, but his emotional well being is doubted upon. He suffers from memory loss and his behavior under goes a drastic change. A child like Henry notices his sylvan surroundings and apartment and completely delights in them. He develops a new relationship with his wife and daughter as he spends more time with them. As he invests in his relationships, Henry starts to fall in love with his wife again.
As he returns to his job, he is not able to be his old arrogant self again. His compassionate and giving outlook does not work well with his firm. They soon take away his cases and assigns him only desk jobs. But Henry is not fazed and decides to give up his practice. The family shifts to a new smaller residence and starts life anew. During relocation Henry comes across letters which details Sarah's affair with a colleague and becomes angry and leaves. But he is confronted by his fellow lawyer Linda who tells him about his affair with her. A much chastened Henry reconciles with this wife and moves away from his old life. He understands that the plaintiff was right in his earlier hospital case and gives him all the relevant papers to help him mount an appeal.
He symbolically takes out his daughter Rachel from her elite school and puts her where she is more happy. Regarding Henry was a critical and box office success. Harrison Ford did not want to be associated with the movie and had to be persuaded by the director Mike Reynolds. Regarding Henry remains a major milestone in the life of Harrison Ford as a serious performer. Annette Bening was named best new comer of the year for her work in this movie.
A tearjerker drama which is well executed. So grab some tissues and enjoy the emotional roller-coaster.

Regarding Henry (released in 1991) - starring Harrison Ford and Annette Bening

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