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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Camille (released in 1936) - Starring Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, and Elizabeth Allan

The movie Camille starring Greta Garbo and Robert Taylor has inspired countless songs and love sonnets for the cupid struck heart. This romantic drama made the song “I'll Love Like Robert Taylor, Be My Greta Garbo.” by Milton Benjamin is the great testament for the chemistry shared by the all time greats. This movie was directed by George Cukor was a success at the box office and was also critically acclaimed. The picture is based on the 1852 novel and play La Dame aux Camélias by Alexandre Dumas.
Marguerite Gautier is the Lady of the Camellias because of her marked preference for these flowers. This beautiful French courtesan was generous and large hearted which marks a sharp decline in her savings. To arrest the downward spiral of her income, her friend Providence urges her to find a rich patron. She plans to introduce her to Baron de Varville, a rich man completely besotted by Marguerite's charm. But at the theater Marguerite meets Armand and falls for him thinking him to be the Baron. But she is forced to leave Armand's side when the real baron arrives, but gives him the key to her apartment.
Marguerite becomes the baron's mistress and has a lavish life style. When the Baron leaves for Russia she stays back and again meets Armand. Armand tells her about his deep feelings and urges her to come away with him. Marguerite asks him to come later, but has to rebuff him as the baron has returned.

A heartbroken Armand asks his father for some money and plans to travel the world. Marguerite on receiving his bitter note of farewell goes to met him and he persuades her to come to the country with him. At the country Marguerite's health improves and they spend a gay summer falling in love with each other again. But Armand's father concerned about his son reaches his place and begs Marguerite to leave his son alone. He reminds her about her position in the society and the doom which would fall on Armand if seen in her company.
A grieving Marguerite returns back to the Baron who takes her back but on lesser generous terms. She resumes her life as a courtesan, but the rigors of this life ruins her health completely. Severely ill and in debt she writes to see Armand one last time. Armand returns to her and Camille dies in his arms assuring herself that she never was more happier.
This movie received four academy award nominations including the one for bEst actress for Greta Garbo. She won the New York Film critics circle award for the best actress. It also made the times list of 100 great movies ever made.
This romantic movie is one tear jerker ever made. It tugs at your heart strings and Greta Garbo as the beautiful and vulnerable courtesan with the heart of gold is splendid. Her chemistry with Robert Taylor is something unmeasurable. A really good watch for those rainy days with a blanket and popcorn.

Camille (released in 1936) - Starring Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor, Lionel Barrymore, and Elizabeth Allan

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