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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mixed Nuts (released in 1994) - starring Steve Martin, Rita Wilson, Madeline Kahn, Anthony LaPaglia, Garry Shandling and Adam Sandler

Mixed Nuts is a comedy film directed by Norah Ephron, starring Steve Martin, Rita Wilson, Madeline Kahn, Anthony LaPaglia, Garry Shandling and Adam Sandler.
The story revolves around a suicide hot-line operating out of the rented premises by a crazy but nice guy called Phillip. Phillip tries hard to keep the hot-line alive inspite of repeated warnings by the landlord for eviction. He even tries keep the eviction notice a secret from the other staffers like, the nice Catherine, a pregnant Gracie and the crabby Mrs. Munchnik. Despite the expectation for a large number of calls from lonely souls on Christmas eve, the hot-line only receives certain frightened calls from the victims of the serial killer dubbed as the “Seaside Strangler”. They also receive threatening calls also from the serial killer.
Phillip trying to get a loan asks for help from his loan officer girl friend who unceremoniously dumps him in favor of her psychiatrist. Meanwhile Gracie is heavily pregnant and her temper is on a short leash. She fights with her slacker boyfriend Felix who runs away with a Santa suit.

Meanwhile Mrs. Munchnik gets caught in the elevator on the way to the Christmas dinner with her sister. Her frantic calls to Louie, her clueless song writer neighbor, does not help her and she is trapped for a long time. Meanwhile Gracie finds Felix who returns with Catherine and Phillip to apologize to her. She locks herself in the bathroom and whacks him with Munchnik's cookie tin. So Felix leaves to the vets office where he overdoses with tranquilizers and has to be sent to the emergency wing to be revived.
Meanwhile Chris, a troubled transvestite, tired of the the abuse calls in for help and Phillip inadvertently gives him their address. Chris arrives at the door when Gracie and Munchnik are alone. Scared of the serial killer, a tussle happens and Munchnik is knocked unconscious. Gracie leaves Chris and Munchnik alone to find Phillip to confront him about the eviction notice. Phillip meanwhile arrives to find Chris with the unconscious Munchnik and subtly suggests him to leave. But Chris takes it as an invitation for dancing and they do the slow dancing together. This is one of the craziest part of this clueless movie.
As the clueless movie moves, Gracie, Catherine and co arrive along with Felix and a gun shoot out happens after an altercation. Gracie wildly shoots killing the landlord across the door. Then they try to stuff the body as a Christmas tree and after some weird stuff the body is discovered by the police. Every body tries to save each other, but as luck could have it the landlord turns to be the serial killer. Gracie gets the reward for killing him and she rescues the hot-line. Phillip and Catherine discover each other during a hot bath and fall in love. And the movie ends to the relief of the audience.
Mixed nuts is one of the nuttiest movie which masquerades as a Christmas comedy. In fact the story goes hay wire and all the weird acting in the name of comedy actually tests your patience. This movie was pilloried by the critics and the audience and did not even recover its cost. I would not recommend this viewing even if you are stranded on an lonely island with the mixed nuts for company.

Mixed Nuts (released in 1994) - starring Steve Martin, Rita Wilson, Madeline Kahn, Anthony LaPaglia, Garry Shandling and Adam Sandler

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