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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot - Comedy film released in 1992 - Starring Sylvester Stallone, Estelle Getty and JoBeth Williams

Mostly associated with macho, blood, guts and glory flicks, Stallone has a reasonably decent repertoire for comedy as well. Released in 1992, the film stars Sylvester Stallone as Sgt. Joseph Andrew ‘Joe’ Bomowski, and, in the pivotal role, Estelle Getty as his mother Mrs.Tutti Bomowski. The movie opens with Joe in a police heist, with Sgt. Tony (John Wesley), waiting for the bad guys to turn up, but they are two hours late, like his birthday or the Easter Bunny - they’re still coming! They are posing as sellers of stolen merchandise, here to make a deal.
One of the men is suspicious, and says he (Joe) could be a cop, but the henchman gives the go ahead, and they show him a whole consignment of electronic goods in a shuttered shop, as he shows them the cash. Meanwhile, Tony, in the shadows, is moving in to make a kill - he is hit when a skirmish takes place, and the men make a run.
Later that evening, he calls his mom from a bar; she isn’t answering the phone, but is instead packing her suitcase! Where is she going to? The next day, Joe is being ribbed about how he used Tony’s butt for cover, he is even more heckled when another cop makes a cheap dig at Lieutenant Gwen Harper (JoBeth Williams) - the two were once involved, and she calls him to her office telling him how upset she is that he did not call the previous night, but sat a bar drinking with his buddies - she hands him a file to make it look like they’re discussing something important!

She tells him how upset she was when she heard someone had been shot, and thought it was him, and worse, she heard that he was on the phone all evening, with someone! Gwen refuses to believe that Joe was calling his mom at 2:30 am! She is unsure whether it is his mother or could be a ‘dial-a-bimbo’. Gwen calls their relationship off! Meanwhile, his mother still isn’t answering the phone! Joe goes to the airport, and comes across hostesses giggling at him, a traveler who comes off the plane tells him he was a bed wetter just like Joe- yes! Mom’s done enough damage already - he’ll always be her lil’ Joey! She’s off the plane with Pixie, her dog.
On the way home, he is stuck in a traffic jam, and finds out that a man is threatening to jump off a high rise, because his mother and he have problems. As Joe goes up to do his thing, the young boy is upset and threatens to jump off…on the ground, his mum grabs a megaphone and starts to tell the boy that the policeman is his son, and the boy in turn tells Joe not to swear at his mom, and that he must obey her. Meanwhile, Tutti goes on about Joe as a little boy, she even shows his baby pics to the crowd - the boy says that he’s changed his mind, saying Joe’s life is far worse than his with a mom like that!
But Tutti does come out the winner in the film as she helps her son nail a crystal meth kingpin and helps him reunite with Gwen - she is actually the real hero in  the film! Stallone once said in an interview that this was his worst film, but audiences loved the character of the bullied son, and the movie was a decent success at the box office. Good clean laughs and family entertainment!

Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot - Comedy film released in 1992 - Starring Sylvester Stallone, Estelle Getty and JoBeth Williams

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