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Monday, September 1, 2014

Grand Champion (Released in 2004) - A family film - Starring Jacob Fisher, George Strait, Emma Roberts and Joey Lauren Adams

The 2004 released, multi-starrer Grand Champion is a comedy drama directed by Barry Tubb. The movie is almost entirely shot in Texas and has many cameo appearances from country music stars, such as George Strait, Natalie Maines (of the Dixie Chicks), Robert Earl Keen and others. Among the star cast are Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts as well.
Grand Champion is about a twelve year old boy named Buddy and his pet calf Hokey. Buddy played by Jacob Fisher, lives with his single mother, Hallie, played by Joey Lauren Adams and sister, played by Emma Robert on a small ranch in Lone Star State. He adopts a calf and nick names him Hokey Pokey. Initially, the story is about the love that develops between Buddy and Hokey. When Buddy adopts Hokey, he is more of a pet than anything else, but soon he starts training the calf to become an award winning steer.
Slowly and steadily, Hokey grows up, groomed to become a prize winner. His friend Edgar, played by Cache Williams helps him to gather enough money to enter Hokey into the Grand Champion. People from all walks of life help Buddy accomplish this dream. Buddy and his family then pack all their stuff and head for the big city where the Grand Championship is being held. The competition is stiff, but eventually Hokey Pokey wins Grand Champion.

After winning the Grand Champion, Buddy is approached by Blandford International to buy the prize winning steer for a whopping $775,000. Buddy feels the money could help his family and send his sister and himself to college. So with a heavy heart he decides to sell Hokey to Mr. Blandford, played by Bruce Willis.
Later, however, when Buddy learns that Mr. Blandford plans to make barbeque out of Hokey the following weekend, he decides to rescue his four legged friend. Along with Edgar, Buddy hatches a plan to cow-nap the steer and save him from being killed. Once Hokey is rescued, the boys and Hokey are on the run. But, soon the runner up in the Grand Champion realizes that if Hokey doesn’t show up soon, then he would be named Grand Champion in Hokey’s place. Meanwhile, Mr. Blandford also will stop at nothing to recover his prized acquisition. What ensues is a toe tapping finish as everyone possible tries to help Buddy save Hokey.
Julia Roberts has a cameo role in this movie. She took up the role more as a support factor for her niece, Emma Roberts. The story line is simple and innocent. But the Country singers and big names like Roberts and Willis add more weight to the movie. Overall the movie is a fun enjoyable watch and is clean entertainment for the entire family.

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