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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Firewall (released in 2006) - Starring Harrison Ford, a thriller movie

Jack Stanfield has everything in his life, a loving wife, great children, beautiful house and a great job as Vice President of Security at Landrock Pacific Bank in downtown Seattle. He is approached by another firm with a better offer and Jack agrees to meet Cox the manager. As he leaves for the day to meet cox little does Jack know the nightmare he is walking in to.
Cox follows Jack as he leaves the restaurant and informs him discreetly at the rear seat of the car about the abduction of his family. He threatens to kill them unless jack wires him $ 10000 from each account of the bank, thus robbing a tune of 100 million from his employers. Jack reaches home and finds his family captive and agrees for the transfer.
As he reaches the office Cox enters his office and forces him to give a guided tour of the security systems in place. Cox introduces a virus in to the system and leaves. Jack on reaching home try to escape by bribing the henchmen and all his attempts fail. Cox entices Jacks son Andy in to eating a cookie with nuts which makes him go in to shock as he is allergic to it. Cox withholds the treatment till Jack acquiesces to his demands.

Jack reaches his office and downloads the files necessary for transfer in to his daughter Sarah's i-pod mini and also slyly takes a photograph of the account information with an employee's camera phone. Cox on the other hand wipes the memory bank and security system clean to enable Jack to take the fall for embezzlement. He also makes Jack fire his secretary Janet for being suspicious.
Jack in the mean time kills two Hench -men and calls his friend. But Cox has one ace up his sleeve, and he kills Harry and with a planted message from Beth makes it look as though Jack had killed Harry in a fit of jealousy over Beth. Cox then transports the entire family to his hideout. Jack in the mean time goes to the bank and with the information in the photograph remove all money from Cox's account. He then calls him to announce that the ransom will be paid only if his family is released.
Cox tries blackmailing him again but it does not work as Jack has the tap of all the cash. During the conversation Jack hears his family dog and gets a brain wave of tracking the GPS unit attached to its collar. With Janet's help they drive over to the hideout and Janet leaves to call the police. Jack kills the henchmen in search of his family. But a panicky Cox take them up the tower for the final push. But jack climbs the treacherous incline, kills him ultimately rescuing his family. This movie was blasted by the critics, but was a box office success. It was also nominated for awards, the Taurus World Stunt Award for Best Fight. A must see for action buff's.

Firewall (released in 2006) - Starring Harrison Ford, a thriller movie

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