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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Six Days Seven Nights (released in 1998) - Starring Harrison Ford, Anne Heche in a romantic comedy

A romantic comedy directed by Ivan Reitman, it is a love story between the opposites. Starring the tall and rugged Harrison Ford and the lissome Ann Heche, this time tested story gets a new aura with these splendid actors at the helm.
Robin Monroe, an uppity fashion editor from new York is surprised by her boyfriend, Frank, with a trip to Makatea in Hawaii. He wants to spend time with her strengthening their relationship. But Miss Busy Monroe cannot get away from her cellphone and her boss from Dazzle, (Which is the magazine she works for). So the yuppie twosome land on the island paradise and meet Quinn, a hard as nails pilot who is no gentleman. Quinn drinks hard, answer's back, and gets on Robin's nerves. But their dislike is mutual and their parries are one of the most likable moments in the movie, a la Elizabeth Vs Darcy moments.
Soon enough work catches up with Robin with the all mighty boss ordering her to Tahiti to organize a photo-shoot. So Robin ditches poor henpecked Frank and hitches a ride with Quinn in his dilapidated aircraft. Quinn enticed with the promise of a lot of greenbacks agrees to ferry her even with a weatherman's warning.

Soon enough they a are confronted with rough storms and seas and crash land in an uninhabited remote island. With no radio contact and a destroyed aircraft Quinn and Robin have to survive in the jungle. They come across pirates, reptiles, treacherous mountains and rough terrain.
Well superwoman Robin has to put her trust in Quinn who throws down pirates and handles reptiles to rescue the damsel in distress. So the rescued damsel inevitably falls in love with him and he reciprocates. So after a lengthy adventure they manage to repair their plane to get back to civilization where their boyfriend and girl friend awaits them. So what do the love birds decide, does Robin go back to her old life with the listless Frank or get hitched with Quinn?
Harrison Ford and Ann Heche tug your heart strings as the most unlikely couple, yet who are made for each other. The die hard romantic in us love them and cannot will them back in New York. This movie is said to be a remake of African Queen starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. But the couple is part of the folk lore of love, where destiny glues them together.
Apart from the story, the real winner is the breath taking scenes of Hawaii, which indeed is an island paradise. The rugged mountains, green valleys, blue waters and the pristine beaches photographed so vividly is an apt back drop for the love story. Who would go back to New York if you have Hawaii and Harrison ford for company?
This movie was a winner at the box office irrespective of the age and sexual preferences controversy dogging the lead couple. So for all of those romantic movie buff's a look in to Six Nights and Seven nights is a must.

Six Days Seven Nights (released in 1998) - Starring Harrison Ford, Anne Heche in a romantic comedy

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