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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (released in 1988) - a comedy starring greats such as Michael Caine and Steve Martin

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels stars Michael Caine, Steve Martin and Glenne Headley in the lead roles. Directed by Frank Oz this comedy film is loosely adapted from the 1964 movie, Bed Time Story.
Lawrence Jamieson is a suave con artist who preys on wealthy women on the French Riviera under the benevolent protection of the inspector Andre, who takes a cut from the spoils. But soon their trade suffers loses due to the activities of another con called The Jackal. Lawrence assumes another small time crook Freddy to be The Jackal and offers to tutor him. Freddy soon finds himself as the sidekick who does not achieve anything from the con. Soon irritated by Lawrence's behavior Freddy plans to strike out on his own and Lawrence proposes the wager. Lawrence informs him that the town was too small to hold both of them and thus the first one to con 50000 dollars off their victim would get the opportunity to stay and Freddy agrees to the wager.
Fredy and Lawrence zero in on Janet Colgate, an airhead heiress. Freddy disguises himself as a paraplegic sailor on a wheel chair who desperately needs 50000 dollars for his treatment. Janet falls for this line and assures him of that amount. Lawrence enters the plot as the psychiatrist who can provide this wonder cure. Soon begins the game of one one-upmanship between Freddy and Lawrence to get one up on Janet's sympathies.

I find these to be one of the real comic tracks of all times, the scenes of the cure. You have the uptight Lawrence playing the psychiatrist who almost tortures Freddy who tries hard to swallow the pain. Its hard keep yourself from laughing hard as Lawrence stamps and prods and hits the supposedly unfeeling legs of Freddy. Anytime you feel low just go to these priceless scenes to give you the instant upliftment.
Lawrence discovers that Janet is not wealthy and she in-fact has to pool all her resources to pay for the treatment. Impressed by her good heart, the gallant Lawrence calls of the bet. Freddy cheekily agrees and wagers a change. He proposes that whoever manages to bed Janet first will remain in the town and Lawrence reluctantly agrees to it. Freddy then manipulates some English sailors to capture Lawrence and goes to Janet and informs her about the miracle cure of love. But Lawrence frees himself from the sailors, and informs them of Freddy's intentions and they capture Freddy for their unruly party. Freddy again reaches Janet and they kiss and undress to make love. Lawrence accepts his defeat with grace and waits for Freddy in his house, but is soon confronted by the tearful Janet who informs him that Freddy had robbed her of 50000 dollars. A gallant Lawrence gives her the money and puts her on the plane and informs Andre who soon captures Freddy. As Lawrence admonishes Fredy of his behavior, he is informed by the raving ranting Freddy that they have been taken by a ride by Janet who is really the Jackal intent on conning them.
As they assess their loss at Lawrence's villa, Janet makes in an appearance as Paula the Realtor, leading a pack of wealthy retirees and they all join hands to find new prey. This movie is one of the funniest movies of the century, sure to lift you mood. All the three actors blow the socks of your feet with their flawless performances and are the favorite of the critics. The audience also gave them their thumbs up as Dirty Rotten Scoundrels became one of the highest grosser of 1988.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (released in 1988) - a comedy starring greats such as Michael Caine and Steve Martin

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