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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Man with Two Brains (released in 1983) - A comedy film starring Steve Martin and Kathleen Turner

This American comic caper stars Steve Martin and Kathleen Turner and is directed by Carl Reiner. The story is about the adventures of a brain surgeon with a gold digger wife.
Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr is a widowed brain Surgeon worth millions known for his pioneering cranial screw top surgery. Dolores Benedict is the femme fatale who sends her latest husband to the grave through her evil machinations. The two meet when Micheal saves Dolores's life and the inevitable follows. Dolores ensnares him in her love and the two get married.
Michael after the wedding discovers that his wife is a gold digging slut and a nagging hag. He soon gets frustrated by Dolores frigidness and is tormented by the fact that their marriage becomes a sham. Michael becomes friends with mad scientist Dr. Alfred Necessiter who has developed a method to store brains alive in a jar filled with liquids. With all this mad nerds, an elevator killer who kills women by injecting window cleaner completes the story.
Michael in one of his visits to Necessiter falls in love with a brain of Anne Uumellmahaye stored in the lab. He discuses with the doctor the means of bringing Anne a body. So brainstorming sessions throw up suggestions like transplanting the brain to a barrel or to a gorilla. All these suggestions are shot down as sex would be a great stumbling block. At last the doctor suggests transplanting Anne to a recently deceased female using Micheal's cranial screw top surgery. So begins the quest for the female.

Meanwhile a jealous Dolores finds out about the romance between the Brain and Michael and attempts to kill Anne. Michael is totally enraged and throws her out of his money and life. He immediately resolves to make a kill for Anne and finds that he is unable to do it. He even tries to kill to pass on the blame to the Elevator killer and still returns empty handed. On one such occasion he returns to find Dolores Killed by the serial killer and he rushes to the lab with her body. The police pursue them, but Micheal and Necessiter successfully transplant Anne brain to bring her alive. Micheal but is electrocuted during the chase and falls in to a coma. When he awakes after six month he is overjoyed with the new Dolores who unfortunately has a overeating disorder. But in-spite of the weighty issues Micheal and Anne live happily ever after.
This movie was considered one of the best comedies of the century by Today magazine. The high point of the movie is its engaging pace and the crackling one liners. Steve Martin as usual is in top form with his over the edge, neurotic doctor act and Kathleen Turner turns the heat on with her scheming vamp portrayal. Everything right from the names to the serial killer is covered with the thick coat of comedy, so much that clutching your stomach due to uncontrollable mirth is the only thing left to do. If you have had a tiring day and need to rest those brains, get in to the brain surgery room with Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr.

The Man with Two Brains (released in 1983) - A comedy film starring Steve Martin and Kathleen Turner

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