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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Film - Farewell, My Lovely (starring Robert Mitchum as the detective Philip Malowe) - Released in 1975

Raymond Chandler is a very famous writer, many of whose books were taken for theatre or made into movies. Out of his novels, an early one is the novel called by the same name, "Farewell, My Lovely" (this was actually his second novel, published in 1940), and starred the famous detective that he created, Philip Marlowe. This novel was made as a movie in 1944 earlier, and was again made into a movie released in 1975. The movie has gathered acclaim over the years, being well liked for the film noir atmosphere that it brings into the movie, with the brilliant performance by the lead actor, Robert Mitchum, playing the role of a grizzled old detective, Philip Marlowe (at this time Mitchum was in the latter part of his career, having been in the industry for decades now and being 58 years old).
The film also stars the following: Charlotte Rampling, John Ireland, Jack O'Halloran, Sylvia Miles and Harry Dean Stanton. Incidentally, this was an early movie in the career of a super-star, Sylvester Stallone, who shot into the heights of super-stardom with the release of Rocky the following year. However, Stallone had only a small role in the movie, with the meaty role being portrayed by Robert Mitchum. He plays the role of a detective, well past his prime age, getting more melancholy and at the same time, being mature.

So what's the story about ? Well, the movie is set in Los Angeles of 1941, a time when there was a lot of corruption and when you start to investigate, you can find the whole plot full of betrayal, and more corruption (in the police), along with the usual environment of seedy hotel rooms, gambling nets, and so on. The detective Marlowe has been hired by an ex-convict, called Moose Malloy, who wants Marlowe to find Velma, an old girlfriend, whom he has not met for many years. He is also investigating a different case, the murder of one of his clients named Marriott (coincidentally, Marriott was killed and an unconscious Marlowe woke up next to the body).
And what do these crimes have in common with each other ? There is the puzzling figure of a lady called Mrs. Helen Grayle, and soon Marlowe also finds himself in more trouble, getting beaten up, drugged and held captive in a private hospital; does he manage to get himself out of trouble and find Velma ? This is a wonderful movie, catch it if you have a chance. The movie got one nomination to the Oscars, but no recognition through an actual award.

Film - Farewell, My Lovely (starring Robert Mitchum as the detective Philip Malowe) - Released in 1975

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