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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Comancheros - Starring John Wayne (1961)

The Comancheros was a Western movie starring John Wayne. The movie is reckoned as one of the better of Wayne's western movies. John Wayne also played a role in direction of the movie (although his role in direction is not credited, since he took over the direction after the Director, Michael Curtiz, cancer-stricken, was unable to complete the movie) along with action specialist Cliff Lyons. The movie is about Wayne's role as a Texas Ranger who is accompanying a convict after a duel, and how they strike a partnership to fight the bad guys.

The year is set as 1843. Dueling has been banned, and Paul Regret (Stuart Whitman) has just had a duel with the son of a Louisiana judge, and as a result of the death of the son in the duel, Regret has been sentenced to be hanged. He escapes, and Texas Ranger Jake Cutter (John Wayne) is sent after him. Jake manages to capture Regret, and is taking him to his tryst with the hangman, however, Jake has another assignment, to infiltrate and destroy a group of white outlaws called the Comancheros. The Comancheros supply a group of American Indians called the Comanches with guns and whiskey, and incite them against to commit violence. The rest of the movie is about the fights they have, and how they eventually work as partners against the gang.

The Comancheros starring John Wayne and Stuart Whitman, released in 1961

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