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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

They Call Me Trinity (1971) - starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer

Italian made western spaghetti movies were all the rage during the 60's, and till the early half of the 70's, by which time there were a number of movies that had started lampooning such movies. In addition, audiences had also changed their tastes, and the culture of spaghetti movies died out, but not before making the reputations of a number of characters. Both Terence Hill and Bud Spencer gained immensely from the making of this movie, since the movie was a huge success worldwide and made them hugely successful starts. In fact, this success led to a short period of craze for comedy westerns, and also led to the inevitable sequel called 'Trinity is still my name' which was even more successful. The movie was written and directed by Enzo Barboni. Right now, the movie is in the public domain.

As you would expect from such a movie, the story is not very complicated. However, there are visual effects in the movie that are important, such as the starting scene where Trinity appears, with his horse dragging him around in a travois, perfectly content to live an easy life, dirty as his horse drags him around. What seems to contradict this view is that he is known as the fastest hand in the west with a gun, a person who can move faster than any other gunslinger.
The story starts with Trinity getting into a dwelling where the restaurant is, quite logically, unsure of Trinity's ability to pay for his meals; so Trinity eats directly from the pan, burping while doing so (and these types of eating scenes are part of the comedy elements of the Trinity series). He then proceeds to relieve 2 bounty hunters of their Mexican prisoner, and shoots them effortlessly when they try to shoot him down from inside the dwelling. This is part of the magic, how easy he handles a gun. He moves along with the Mexican, and moves to another town. There he sees an enormous sheriff being challenged by 3 roughs, and apparently the sheriff is in the same league as Trinity. However, it soon becomes clear that the make-believe Sheriff, Bambino, is actually Trinity's brother, and although they do not get along with each other, they cooperate for different reasons to support Mormons against their fight with Major Harriman (Farley Granger). How the fight goes should be clear, but is fun to watch.

They Call me Trinity (released in 1971), a spaghetti western film starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer

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