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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trinity is still my name (1972), continuation of comedy

After the stupendous success of a comedy (or any other movie), what would expect next ? You would expect a sequel, and that is exactly what happened when "They call me Trinity" was released and became a huge success; after all, it was a bet that a comic turn to the spaghetti western would do well, and it was against odds that the movie did really well. And lo and behold, the next movie in the series was ready for viewers the next year. The movie had the same principal crew, with the same Director (Enzo Barboni), same principal cast (Terence Hill and Bud Spencer). And you know what, the sequel did even better, being Italy's highest grossing movie of all time. Both the cast members, Terence and Bud, could not have asked for a better jump to their movie career with this movie.

The movie is a continuation of a comedy, with several scenes, such as the one where Bambino hits a convict over the head, knocks him out, and when the guy gets up, he has become addlepated, similarly, in another scene, Trinity is able to draw his gun and slap another guy 15 times before the other person can do anything (this is how fast Trinity is). You see them trying to be bad guys, but are so good-hearted that they end up helping a family multiple times, such as helping repair a broken wheel on their wagon.
Again, when they finally manage to get some loot after tricking some more of the bad guys, they give it to the Rangers to ally their suspicion.

Trinity is still my name (1972), continuation of comedy, starring Terence Hill and Bud Spencer

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