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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Cheyenne Social club (released in 1970) - Starring James Stewart, Henry Fonda, and Shirley Jones, and directed by Gene Kelly

The Cheyenne Social club is a western comedy directed by Gene Kelley who is famous for his role in “Singing in the Rain”. It stars real world friends Henry Fonda and James Stewart along with the beautiful Shirley Jones.
Two lonely cowboys in the 1870's John Hanlan and Harley Sullivan have been riding together for almost ten years. They have nothing to call their own and do odd jobs and sleep under the stars. Hanlan's secret wish is to acquire some property. One day he gets the message from a lawyer that his estranged brother has passed away presenting him with a legacy. The legacy is Cheyenne Social club.
Hanlan is mighty pleased as he has become a “man of property”. He resolves to go to Wyoming to claim his property. Harley rides along with him as he always has in the past. When they reach Cheyenne they are welcomed with most love and affection. The towns men treat them with respect and the bar offers them free drinks.

Hanlan goes to inspect his inheritance and to his dismay discovers that it is a bordello. The business is run by Jenny who is the loveliest of all madams. The rest of the girls are, Opal Ann (Sue Ann Langdon), Pauline (Elaine Divry), Carrie Virginia (Jackie Russell), Annie Jo (Jackie Joseph) and Sara Jean (Sharon DeBord).The girls all hand picked by DJ are the best of the women available. The prudish uptight Hanlan is horrified and says that this business against his religion and convictions. Soon he decided to close down the brothel and build a boarding house in its place. But this upsets the towns people who petition him to rethink his decision.
In the mean time Harley charms his way in to the rooms of all the girls and makes his conquests. Hanlan is disgusted by this. But matters go to his head when one of the girls Jenny is beaten by a sinister Corey Bannister who is the local thug. Hanlan shoots him in a duel and soon has the blood thirsty Bannister clan baying for his blood. A gun battle ensues and the friends have to defend themselves and the girls. The shooting of Corey Bannister is one of the funniest scenes in the movie. While Hanlan is trying to shoot him Harley makes a shooting sound with some pecans which distracts Corey. Hanlan shoots him becomes a hero.
A wonderful movie with the best of humor in place. The dialogues are very witty and there is nothing bawdy about them. Sex is not in your face but is shown as a gentle romance. There is romance, action, and above all healthy fun. James Stewart and Henry Fonda are real life friends who bring the crackling chemistry to the fore and make you laugh and smile with their performances. This movie was James Stewart's last western. Watch the movie for their performances and the most witty dialogues you can quote.

The Cheyenne Social club (released in 1970) - Starring James Stewart, Henry Fonda, and Shirley Jones, and directed by Gene Kelly

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