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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Warlock (Released in 1959) - Starring Henry Fonda and Anthony Quinn - another western story

This movie is adapted form a book of the same name by Oakley Hall. It belongs to the genre of a western and is treated as a classic. Warlock is a town in Utah and is plagued by a group of cowboys led by Abe McQwon who routinely rob and humiliate all the towns people. To control this menace the residents bring in the sharp shooter Clay Blaisedell as a Town Marshall. Blaisedell arrives with his friend Morgan who is a petty drunkard. They rename a saloon as French quarter and take over the place. Morgan is a liability because of his drunkenness and the town people ask him to leave. Blaisedell refuses to let Morgan off and informs that he is part of the deal. Soon they come face to face with the McQuown gang and the gang members are humiliated. One of the members Johnny Gannon leaves to become a more law abiding citizen.
Morgan learns that his old girl friend Lily Dollar is coming to town with Bob Nicholson. Earlier Lily had left Morgan for Ben Nicholson, Bob's elder brother. Morgan had entrapped Ben in to challenging Blaisedell who easily shoots him to death. Morgan anyway leaves to see Lily arriving in a stagecoach which is ambushed by the McQuown gang. In the melee Morgan kills Bob and runs away. Lily reaches town and sees Morgan and is convinced about his guilt even though she has no proof.

Blaisedell has fallen in love with a local girl Jessie Marlow and wants to settle down. Johnny Gannon becomes a Sheriff deputy in the neighboring bright town. Th McQuown gang tries to undermine Blaisedell's status as the town Marshall. In a confrontation with the robbing gang, Blaisedell kills Gannon's brother. Gannon in the mean time is successful in breaking up the robbing gang and is more amiable to the citizens of Warlock. They feel that Blaisedell has out lived his usefulness.
Soon the residents are tired of him and wants him to leave. Morgan also wants to go from the town of Warlock. When Blaisedell refuses Morgan is furious and shoots up the town. Blaisedell learns about the murders of the Nicholson brothers and turns his back on Morgan. A furious morgan tries to prove that Blaisedell is not good without him and shoots at him. The other in self defense shoots at Morgan, killing him immediately. But Blaisedell, is grief stricken and gives Morgan a Viking Funeral by burning down the saloon.
The town has had enough of the spectacle and feels confident in Gannon's power in maintaining law and order. Gannon, along with the town's people asks Blaisedell to leave. His girl friend abandons him and refuses to leave town. Blaisedell challenges Gannon to a duel, even out draws him. But in the end he opts to leave town, and throws his gold handled pistols on the ground. Lily Dollar feels that she has avenged the killings of the Nicholson's and takes up with Gannon.

Warlock (Released in 1959) - Starring Henry Fonda and Anthony Quinn - another western story

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