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Monday, June 14, 2010

FireCreek (released in 1968) - starring James Stewart and Henry Fonda, directed by Vincent McEveety

This movie was released in 1968, and has Henry Fonda and James Stewart essaying the leading roles. The leading pair are cast as chief antagonist's and are pitted in a good Vs bad gun battle. As the story begins, Johnny Cobb is a mild mannered farmer who acts as a sheriff to a gentle community of Fire creek. He is a family man with his wife Henrietta in the family way. He moves around with a tin badge hammered out by his kids which spells “Sheraf” instead of sheriff. He is pretty embarrassed by these shows of affection.
In to this idyllic town ride the thugs, Larkin, Drew, Norman, Earl and Willard. They are raging psychopaths who shoots up the town. The ring leader Larkin is wounded and has to lie low to get well. He is disgusted with the behavior of his gang but does little to stop them. Larkin is ministered by Evelyn a kindly land lady who fearlessly speaks about the atrocities committed by the hoodlums.
John Cobb does his best to keep peace within the town. Soon the gang members disrupt church services, and beat up the towns people. Things get ugly when Meli, an Indian women is raped by the gang member. Albert a stable boy who witness this gruesome sight, inadvertently kills him. Cobb locks up Albert to put him on trial. But as he leaves town to visit his pregnant wife the gang forcibly enter the prison and lynches Albert. Then the gang tries to take over the town completely.

This cowardly act enrages the sheriff who try to arrest the perpetrators. Soon a gun battle ensues in which the sheriff takes the lone stand. He shoots Drew, Earl, Norman and Willard. Larkin wounds the sheriff but still he manages to kill Larkin. Soon the whole town is energized and they fight the thugs out.
The movie is supposed to be thriller, but is little too long. This is one of the few films which Fonda plays the antagonist and has worked with his real life buddy James Stewart.

FireCreek (released in 1968) - starring James Stewart and Henry Fonda, directed by Vincent McEveety

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