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Friday, February 4, 2011

Bowfinger (released in 1999) - Starring Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, and Heather Graham

Bowfinger is a comedy film starring Steve Martin, Heather Graham and Eddie Murphy in pivotal roles. Directed by Frank Oz and scripted by Steve Martin himself, this movie is a spoof about the the film making business in Hollywood and also the church of Scientology. Over the years it has acquired a cult following and is considered one of the leading comedies of the time.
Bobby Bowfinger is an out of luck director who wants to direct a movie on his own, the only problem being “cash”. His entire savings of 2184 dollars would not even come close to encourage his desire. His film “Chubby rain” is penned by an accountant friend. With another friend as the cameraman he pitches his case to a studio executive. The studio agrees to finance the movie only if he could get the current heartthrob Kit Ramsey to star in it. So Bowfinger formulates this entire plan of getting Kit on board without even having him know about it.
Kit Ramsey played delightfully by Eddie Murphy is a pompous, neurotic actor and he refuses Bowfinger's offer. Kit is an avid follower of the cult Mindhead which believes in Aliens and other supernatural things. After their indoctrination Kit's personality often borders along psychotic to plain wacky crazy. Bowfinger selects out of luck and work actors who do not have a clue about Kit's refusal. They all give their best actions believing him to be a part of the movie.

So you have delightful scenes of Heather Graham giving her lines to a zapped Murphy whose dazed expression is captured on camera. But soon all the sci-fi dialogue of Chubby Rain makes Ramsey crazy enough to believe that Aliens are after him and he goes in to hiding. The shoot gets stalled and the actors and crew have to think up new solutions.
They soon come across Jiff who is a splitting image of Kit Ramsey and Bowfinger hires him to get the rest of the scenes on camera. Jiff is amiable and nice but clueless with no acting talent. But it is soon revealed that he is the real life brother of Ramsey and the crew makes him feel great about this one talent of his - to look like Kit Ramsey. Meanwhile the Mindhead organization soon finds out that the aliens Ramsey is scared about is not in his imagination. They track down Bowfinger and shut the shoot down. When the chips are down, luck favors the crew as they watch a canned candid camera moments where Ramsey exposes to a cheerleader squad. Armed with evidence Bowfinger blackmails Mindhead Church and the elders persuades Ramsey to be a part of the movie. So the movie is completed and at the premiere Kit Ramsey attends with the suitable arm candy in the form of Heather Graham. Bowfinger gets further movie offers and Jiff gets to be a part of it with his brother.
This delightful comedy was a critics and audience favorite. It remained one of the top grosser of 1998 only to be bested by Sixth sense. The comic timing and the acting for all the cast members are just above par. Highly recommended to lift the moods.

Bowfinger (released in 1999) - Starring Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, and Heather Graham

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