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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Father of the Bride Part II (released in 1995) - A sequel to the 1991 version, starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton

This movie is the sequel to the hugely successful Father of the Bride which was originally released in 1991. Directed by Robert Townsend, this movie was released in 1995 and once again stars, Steve Martin, Diane Keaton, Martin Short and Kimberly Paisley in pivotal roles with Eugene Levy as Dr. Habib. This movie is also the remake of the 1950 film, Father's little dividend starring Spencer Tracy and Joan Bennett. The story and plot has many similarities but the original version is still not in the public domain.
George Banks after the wedding goes back to his life, and is currently going through a mid life crisis. He wishes to fight the world which makes him old and too set in his ways. He surprises his wife with wacky opinions and a crazy youthful outlook. Nina as usual is nice and understanding but glosses over the “lets be crazy again fluff”. This youthful image is shattered when Annie announces that she is about to be a mother which would ultimately make George a grandparent. George, just as he was not ready to share his daughter, cannot give away his youth. So what does George do, he rebels, goes on a rampage to drink from the fountain of youth, only to realize its gone.
A series of accidents forces George and Nina out of their house and their one night of madness makes Nina pregnant. Nina is ecstatic, but George is shattered, when visions of feeding times and tantrums fill up his mind. Even Annie rebels against her mother for stealing her thunder. But the family rally around a hurt Nina and George once again gets ready for a celebration. But his neuroses is not helped by the arrival of the wacky, zany Franck who promises a grand baby shower for the mothers to be.

So its back to coughing up the moolah to please the girls in his life. A grand baby shower with pelicans and bows followed by double deliveries with the help of crazy Dr. Habib, its classic Steve Martin revelry.
Father of the Bride II does not live up to its predecessor as the characters are too stereotyped. The lives are too amazing to be believed even for a romantic comedy. The antics of Steve Martin is the sole saving grace as he shoulders the entire film on his shoulders. All the other actors chip in with good performances, but they have nothing much to do. The notable feature again is the back ground music by Alan Silvestri which has some great tunes.
This movie was a moderate success but not a critics favorite. It is a feel good movie for the family, but has nothing much to offer. Steve Martin was nominated for American Comedy Award for Funniest Actor in a Motion Picture and also for the golden globes that year for this picture. If you have nothing much to do, and you are a Steve martin Fan, one can catch up with this movie, but do not expect the sparks to fly.

Father of the Bride Part II (released in 1995) - A sequel to the 1991 version, starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton

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