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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LA Story (released in 1991) - Starring Steve Martin, Victoria Tennant and Sarah Jessica Parker

LA Story is a romantic comedy film released in 1991 staring Steve Martin, Victoria Tennant and Sarah Jessica Parker. It was scripted by Steve Martin who also donned the role of the executive producer. Directed by Mick Johnson it has a cult following as it celebrates the real LA way of life.
Steve Martin stars as Haris. K. Telemacher, who is a news meteorologist in a meaningless relationship with his girlfriend Trudi. He soon gets tired of his monotonous routine and craves for that magic and excitement. At a luncheon he meets Sara, a journalist from London and is instantly attracted towards her. Shackled by his own relationship a tired Haris looses control of his car which careens off the road on to the pavement, crashing on to a street sign.
After the initial shock Haris soon realizes that the street sign he crashed in to is actually flashing messages for him. He soon takes the cue and tries to kindle a relationship with Sara. Sara too feels the attraction but feels a duty towards her ex-husband Rowland. She had pledged to rekindle her relationship with her ex-husband and feels burdened by it.

Haris, going, with the advice from the sign board decides to charter his own path. Afraid about the impossibility of an relationship with Sara he goes out with a ditzy blonde SandDEe. SandDEe a wannabe model is a perfect airhead but still Haris moves along with her. During their dates he comes to know that Trudi is cheating on him with his agent and this information sets him free. He, geting hold of his life, tries once again with Sara. But this time the road block is because of Sandra and the sign board again helps him. He does get his wish and the right thing in his life.
This movie was the 20th best film of the last century as voted by the LA Times. It wowed the critics and the audience being one of the top grosser for 1991. This comedy also being a satire is a look in to the city of Los Angeles and its people. It has all the ingredients of the LA life, with Hollywood coming in with frequent references. Apart from the lead actors, there are also uncredited appearances from Chevy Chase, Woody Harrelson, Paula Abdul, Martin Lawrence, Rick Moranis and Terry Jones. The soundtrack and the music of this movie has a great fan following. Three songs from Enya, “Exile”, “on your shore” and “Epona” can also be heard in the movie.
Steve Martin as usual excels in his role superbly assisted by Victoria Tennant. The one liners and the conversations between them never fail to evoke the chuckle and at the same time says something about the love unattained. SandDEe played by Sarah Jessica Parker is another amazing actress and plays the airhead to perfection. According to the movie she is a “spokesmodel” which actually is a model who speaks and to top it all she is taking a course for it. More than the story, I really liked the movie for its quotable quotes and to have them on your repertoire would spice up any conversation. Just as Steve Martin's character Haris says in the movie "Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." but still the laughter goes on.

LA Story (released in 1991) - Starring Steve Martin, Victoria Tennant and Sarah Jessica Parker

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