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Friday, February 18, 2011

HouseSitter (released in 1992) - A romantic comedy starring Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn

Directed by Frank Oz, House sitter is a romantic comedy which released in 1992, staring Steve Martin, Goldi Hawn and Dana Delany.
Steve Martin plays the beleaguered architect Newton Davis who builds a grand house for his girl friend Becky who refuses to marry him. Newton is crest fallen and, deeply in debt, he leaves the town and abandons the house to its fate. During a drunken evening at the bar, Newton spills the beans to Gwen Phillips, the waitress who comforts him. They end up spending the night together and Newton coming to his senses in the middle of the night leaves abruptly. He unintentionally leaves the blueprints of the plans at Gwen's place. Piqued by his sudden departure Gwen travels to see the dream house for herself and is charmed by the architecture. She takes up residence at the house and slowly involves herself with the community.
Gwen is a compulsive liar who changes her identity as and when she pleases. Upon buying groceries she is forced to convince the store keeper that she is Newton's wife. Soon a chain of reactions happen with Becky confronting her. To awe Becky Gwen spins a romantic tale about her meeting Newton and buys her off. Newton's heartbroken parents are also bought over by her charms and yarn.

As the town folks settle down, Newton travels to town and is surprised to find his house lived in. At first he is angry and tries to kick Gwen off the premises. But as he gets in to the groove of things he finds that the presence of Gwen to be pretty helpful. He soon hires her to make Becky jealous and to repair his relationship with his parents. Soon Newton and Gwen masquerade as a couple so as to win over Becky, upon which Gwen would get all the furniture as the price.
Newton slowly relies upon Gwen for everything and she in turn feels attached to their “marriage”. Instead of making Becky jealous, Gwen starts resenting her presence in Newton's life. She reveals that because of her inadequacies she has been forced to live a life full of lies and wants to put an end to it. At a family reception Gwen confronts Becky accusing her for trying to win over Newton and storms off. Newton thinking this to be the part of the act, praises her and follows her out. Gwen reveals her love for him and her need to work this relationship leaving Newton perplexed. Soon it dawns on everybody about the double life of Gwen and Becky comforts Newton. But Newton realizes his feelings for her and reunites with Gwen. All is well and they live happily ever after in the beautiful house.
This movie was a moderate success and not a critics favorite. It is sort of a rehashed love story which does not warm the cockles of the heart. Steve Martin plays the bumbling architect and Goldie Hawn plays his love interest pretty well. But the crackling chemistry of the duo is missing. The real star of the movie is the house which is simply beautiful. There are no high points in this predictable romantic comedy and would recommend if only you are hard pressed for choices.

HouseSitter (released in 1992) - A romantic comedy starring Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn

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